At Sydney Golf lessons we cater for all levels of golfer's from beginners through to professionals with the instruction conducted by P.GA Professional coach Darren Golsby and his team in a friendly and enjoyable learning atmosphere.


Improving your golf swing is about understanding what parts need to match in order to satisfy the swing alignments at impact, depending on what shot you are playing.

Located 2 minutes from Sydney International Airport, lessons are conducted at Barton Park Driving Range which offers a quite and friendly environment to learn golf.

The driving range also has 2 couch grass hitting area’s and under cover mats for rainy days.

Types of tuition available:

  • 1 Hour Lessons - $120.00
  •  2 Hour Lessons - $200.00
  • *SPECIAL*  3x 1 hour lesson packages $270.00
  • Learn with friends- Beginner and intermediate classes.
  • On course playing lessons available
  • Club fitting - We specialise in getting the  correct club to match your body, and swing.
Work on all parts of your game 

  • Full swing
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • On course
  • Club fitting
Call To Book 0407-988-018

Tuition Hours: Weekday and weekends are available 



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