Online Golf Lessons

How It Works

Step 1: Video tape your swing with a digital camcorder from at least two angles, record from the front view and the back view.

Step 2: 

The quickest and cheapest way to get us your clip is through email. Just send in a video of your swing or putting or whichever part of your game needs fixing to

Step 3:

Recieve tips that are specifically designed to help you fix the mistakes you're making in your swing, saving you time and helping you immediately down the path to a better game.

Once received, it will be analyzed and added to your page in the Lesson Locker.

You will recieve an email when your video analysis is completed.


Awarded Diploma of Professional Golf (1998). Subjects included: Golf Science, Club Construction, Rules & Ethics, Sports Psychology.



Single Lesson $29.99


3x Lesson Package $69.99