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Golfer-iconHi Darren,

Almost. Five rounds in 5 days in Czech Republic and brought playing hcp down from  32 to 24.

Starting to pay off!
Thanks, Sander




Your points on club fitting were very interesting I was never fitted properly.  

Callum Ashdown


Thanks Darren, I hit the ball much better just with that one tip last week!
Look forward to the next lesson.
Cheers Michael Edmond


Golfer-iconHi Darren

Thanks for lessons during my recent trip to Sydney. I enjoyed them a lot. Hope to have a few more when I visit again.

Tak Lee





Hi Darren

Thank you for your video and lesson. It was a very good advice. See you.

Regards Aki Akasai



Took all this on board (was very impressed with the follow-up web recap). Without practice put suggested technique changes into action on Saturday. I had 15 holes of horror and then it clicked into place with tap in par on 17th and birdie on 18th (both into a stiff wind with last hole driving iron finishing 238 cm from hole). Looking forward to next lesson.

Ross Hayes



I really enjoyed meeting you again. And the lesson was excellent. I went to the local range the next day and everything clicked into place. In answer to your survey: 1. I would definitely recommend you as a teaching pro to my friends! 2. The reason: You were able to quickly analyse my swing and your instructions to correct the faults were clear and delivered in a simple pleasant and confident manner. You impressed me with your skill in managing the changes required. I look forward to coming back to see you and will book in shortly!

Thanks again Regards DenisH



Thanks for the lesson yesterday, good to actually see my swing, looks like we have a lot of work to do! J I will be in touch later this week to set up next lesson. ?

Cheers, Ben Bilman


Darren, Thanks for the tips and feedback.

I'll work on those pointers over the next few days and let you know how I go in Dubbo this weekend next week.Thanks again and catch you soon.

Leon Ratapu ( Long Drive Champion)


Hello Darren

Thanks for the lesson. Thanks for the tip on stance. Let me practise some more time to get it more perfect and hopefully I can get some power. Thanks Regards Ganesh Malthouse


Thanks Darren,

I’ll make sure I get a round in first before I book another lesson. Thanks for your help. Cheers Lucian Dwyer



Hi Darren, 

Thanks heaps for both the book and the lesson today (^_^)
Have a great weekend.
Patty Katts


Hi Darren.

I'm sticking with this and starting to get some results. Scored 37 pts at Riverside at the weekend. I'm going to be away in July so will arrange to see you when I get back. I just wanted to say thankyou. I'm feeling pretty positive about the road ahead. I haven't felt that for some time! Good on you.

Kind Regards Bob Brewer


Hi Darren

I really enjoyed today, now I'm really hooked ! I checked your website and my lesson locker, I.m really impressed with your teaching approach and feedback. I can see what you mean by my clubface angle which is giving me a " chicken wing " finish to the stroke which is probably making the ball go right. I guess we can soon fix that. John Marsden

Golfer-iconHi Darren,

The student locker is a great tool. I notice that you already started at Moorepark Driving range. Hopefully I can organize for more lessons soon.

Regards, Pat Chin

Golfer-icon Hi Darren,

thanks again for today especially for the interest you took in my game which was above and beyond. I would love you to continue as my coach and continue to take an interest in my performances as i want to get my handicap down to single figures and i am willing to put in the effort to achieve this goal. great web site , great being able to view my lesson. kindest regards lee Young ( see you soon )


Hi Darren,  

Thanks for your help so far. First games with new swing: 

Hitting ball much straighter. Good distance. Some pushes to left (right arm radius?);   Cypress lakes day1 : 39 stableford points.

Won day Into strong NW wind off blue tees. Longest drive and 1 nearet pin. Hitting ball much straighter. Slow start (need to have idea on how to warm up);  

Cypress lakes day 2: 30 stableford points playing off 21 (normal handicap; 23. Lost 3 strokes for prior day win. Gave away 3 shots in last 3 holes with poor putting). 1 nearest to pin. Slow start again. Much straighter. Some fat shots with wedges (tie lies).  

Summary: I have confidence at last that I can hit the ball straight. Taking driver off tee when required. better action for short shots (with some more refinement needed). No pain, nothing felt odd. looking forward  to taking this to next level.   A big thank you.  

Frank Simpson



Thanks for the lesson, a pleasure to meet you.
I will be in touch with the follow up lesson.


Ruskin McMillan


Mate, the feet together drill is the best hint you've given me ! I've been doing it thru all my clubs for 2 full practice sessions and the chicken wing is gone and I'm iron byron personified....longer and straighter !

Seeya !

John Turner


DEAR  darren  

Your  interest ,enthusiasm,  support , integrity, compassion  and   verbal interaction with  the pupil  is  what   won  me  over . my  interest  in the  golf  is   physical  fitness,  its  a  meditation, i enjoy   learning to  improve - the  challenge  of that, , and finding  the   description of  how to  do  what will create the  effect   required  and  social interaction .and   eventually the  challenge  of the game  .  my  goal is to  build  a   good skill  base  while  i am  fit  which  will  enable  me  to play  on on the future ,time is running out -  Ian Edwards


Hi Darren,

Thanks for your email, and your time yesterday! I certainly enjoyed the session, hopefully, I can come by for another lesson in a couple of weeks. Thanks again,

Ninad Osborne

Golfer-icon Hi Darren

Thanks for Lesson 2 video. I find the videos so valuable - I can see in Lesson 2 exactly what I am doing wrong with the upper part of my body ...practice, practice, practice !!!!!

Donna Daziel



Darren, Just thought I would share today at Mt Broughton. Played off the White Tees.

I thought the Blue were the longest but I later discovered they also had Black. Anyway, it was 5860 (blue at 6299). Scored 81 with ACR of 69 (12 handicap – with my existing handicap at 22).

This came to 48 stableford points. Also scored first hole in 1 on a 181 par 3. 6 pars, 2 eagles.

Never hit it so consistently straight – off tee with driver and 3 wood and with long irons. After the hole in one, I lost concentration a bit. Waiting to see how the next game goes. This is really looking up.

Rudi Selles


Hi Darren,

This is most helpful and I'm very impressed with your after-lesson follow up. I definitely know what to work on now... I'll get some practice in and see you for another lesson in a few weeks. All best, Chris Young

Golfer-iconHi Darren,

Really good analysis I reckon - I learn't a lot about swing mechanics. Appreciate you taking the time. Thanks again,

Bruce Packer

Golfer-icon Darren,

Well I would like to thank you for you advise always about my swing Actually I think that my swing is improved since I started taking your lessons I can`t find the word to thank for your great lessons for me I think that I`ll book the lesson on this Saturday morning, I would like you to give me some tip of bunker shot this time Have a good week cheers Jiro Endo

Golfer-iconHi Darren, Cheers for the lesson,

It was very helpful! I will contact you in 2 weeks. Thanks again.

Damien Quinn

Golfer-iconHi Darren,thanks for the look at the Australian Open action - does it make your heart ache ? great lesson . hope i can continue to hit as well as i did at the end - see you soon

Peter Lee

Golfer-icon Hello Darren,

I`m so glad to see you this year by kind of accident at Moore Park range. I think that I`m so lucky as my golf is getting better now I don`t know what to say but I really appreciated your advice and tips.

Thank you once again and have a happy new year. James Patterson

Golfer-icon Hi Darren thanks for the lesson & feedback, the video footage is interesting!

Regards Robyn Lynch

Golfer-icon Darren,

Thanks for the video it is great to see this tips on video and be able to watch my self makes a huge difference, very glad with your tuition and looking forward for our next class. Alan Crunciusky

Golfer-icon Hi Darren, thanks for the lesson, its always positive to feel improvement! I'll stick the video on my facebook. I'll see you at the next lesson thanks George Gorman

Golfer-icon Hi Darren,

Thanks for sending this through, all of us have played the clip a number of times and have found it really useful. I have another son who is keen for some lessons and I wanted to know what days/times you are generally on at Moore Park. Cheers, Vince Watt

Golfer-icon Thanks so much Darren.

That is really helpful. We will be booking again after we have had a chance to practice your method some more. Hope you had a great aussie day. Petrina Stevens  

Golfer-icon Thanks a lot Darren.

Lachie seems to really enjoy the lessons. He only picked up a club for the first time last week, so hopefully he takes in what you're saying! Hamish Walker

Golfer-icon Darren I just arrived back Thanks for the lesson.

I really loved it and got heaps out of it. I will send another video in a few weeks. Cheers Dave Westaway


Hi Darren,the video is brilliant, thanks.

I will try and have a regular lesson,actually have already booked one for next Sunday.best wishes, Rob McDonald

Golfer-iconWow! Thanks Darren - that is great.

Such a good way to remember the lessons, and hopefully see improvement over time. I hit a few balls after the lesson and eventually got the message ....BIG difference, I managed to get the feeling of being much more stable  Cheers, Sue McNally


Golfer-iconHi Darren

Thank you for forwarding me the vedio. I have one more class left and I plan to buy another 6 lessons through the shop to attend your class. I do think your class is more interesting and easy for me to learn. I know my swing is far from being good; however, I would like to move forward in the future classes so I can have some basic ideas of playing golf at the real course - I probably need to do that in the near future for social reasons.

Thanks Julia Li


Golfer-iconThanks for the 4th video you posted. Guess what, I went and practised at the driving range twice this week! I would watch your videos of me before every practice and it really really helps! After practising intensively this week, I can't wait to show you what I can do now, fingers crossed that I won't have lost it by Sunday :) Cara Chen

Golfer-iconHi Darren thanks for the updated video.

We won the metropolitan mixed pennants yesterday. Thanks for your lessons. Regards Elsie Pathmanathan

Golfer-iconHi Darren,

Thanks for the video and the advice - makes such a difference to watch the video...!! We'll be in touch to set up some more lessons, Cheers and have a good weekend. Marc & Lesa

Golfer-iconHi Darren

On Saturday I played to handicap of 7. . Now my handicap is down to 11. I am certainly benefiting from your lessons. Thanks once again. Regards Elsie Pathmanathan

Golfer-iconHi Darren,

Very happy with my first lesson 35 points on Saturday should have been 44 if i could putt , looking forward to our next lesson. Robert England

Golfer-iconThat’s great Darren, many thanks.

Looking forward to booking in another lesson to get us both, me and Carolyn moving forward with our golf upon my return. Adrian McCarten

Golfer-iconHi Darren,

This is amazing!!! The boys got a lot out of this online tutorial. We look forward to developing their golf with your expert guidance! Thank you Rachel & Charles Kelly

Golfer-iconAwesome. Thanks for today! See u next week.

Danny Redup

Golfer-iconCheers Darren – good lesson!

I’m playing The Vintage & Cypress Lakes up in the Hunter this weekend so will get some practice in and come and see you again. Nick Penhall

Golfer-iconHi Darren,

What a FANTASTIC LESSON yesterday. Very impressed with the improvements I felt that I achieved in my swing (in yesterday’s lesson alone) and your assistance with this.  Kind Regards, Kay Allen


Many thanks for the books. I have printed them and will read them in due course. My accuracy has definitely improved a lot and I am understanding the mechanics of a good swing much better since my sessions with you. My last 2 rounds I have hardly sliced a ball - a huge step! I still have a long way to go and am sure that I will need some further help from you. For the time being I need to absorb and practice the changes.

Trust your preparations for the next summer of golf are progressing well, Regards Geoff


Golfer-iconHi Darren,

I had about 5 lessons with you late last year which i found incredibly beneficial to my swing. I have been overseas in the US on a uni exchange since January but am returning in a few weeks and am looking forward to more lessons with you if you're still at Moore Park. I've been using taylormade burner cavity backs for almost two years now and while they are good for where i'm at at the moment, im really looking to push my game forward.

I'm not a member anywhere as I have been moving around a bit for the last few years but if i had to predict my handicap id say its around 20. After my lessons with you, while i wasnt totally consistent, i was striking the ball well and it I would often finish a quick 9 around 5 or 6 over.

I look forward to more lessons in the near future. Jack White

Golfer-iconHi Darren,

Love the video's, will keep working on things we have discussed and will book for another lesson in the next few weeks with hopefully better results. Cheers Trent Victorsen

Golfer-iconI am planning to come back to Oz sometime near the end of the year or early next year. I will definitely give you a shout when I am back in the country.Thanks again for helping with my swing, I have felt it improve dramatically in the last week.

Regards, Naish

Golfer-iconDear Darren

Thanks a lot for videos you sent to me. Really helpful for me!

Thank you again Geoffrey Qi

Golfer-iconThanks Darren,

I really enjoyed the session yesterday. I feel more confident that I will improve my game. See you soon Cheers Phil Ritchie


I had the best game on friday .. payed 6 holes and used my driver and got down the fairway on almost all the shots ... let me know which of the schools I should attend .. i think i am better than beginner Louis Calleja


Hi Darren,

I practiced my short game later in day, and the set up change looks likely to help that also. Hit some wedges and for the first time, took some divots after ball strike!

See you in about 2 – 3 weeks. I now know the drill.

The video was good to see in relation to the new set up.Johnathan Rees


Hi, Darren.
My short game was a little better this morning ! A few big drives too. I enjoyed your golf school a great deal . Thanks! I’ll look forward to receiving more information in due course. regards, Ron Spielman


Golfer-iconHi Darren,

I had a good nine holes at the Lakes this evening and thanks to your bunker lesson, I got out every time and bunkers don't seem as threatening as before. I managed to come 3rd with 17 stableford points.
See you next week.

                     Best, Sharon

Darren -I rate todays lesson an 8 out of 10
My score is mainly because of a relaxed friendly approach and simple explanations of the mechanics of the club and the swing.
I feel I can make progress towards better golf with your help without aiming for the unreachable. Good, practical grounded advice.
                     Cheers, David Blackhall

Hi Darren,
I want to thank you for a great lesson yesterday, and I am looking forward to my next lesson scheduled for next Thursday.
I still can not believe how you have transformed my game in one, one hour lesson, and I am excited about how I will play in the near future. On a scale of 1 to 10, to recommend you to a friend or colleague, it would be a '9'.
The primary reason is, that your 'direct and honest' and and you certainly know your business.
I like that you keep reminding me what I am doing wrong, so I can rectify the problems quickly. Thanks again, Kind regards, Rick Faulkner

Hi Darren,
Thank you very much for the excellent guidance yesterday, the improvement i felt was immediate and very satisfying. I was keen before, now i am chomping at the bit to get into the game.
Appreciate this info, will be studying closely and i look forward to seeing you for another lesson soon. Tony Bonnice.

Hi Darren,

Today is the 2nd week of my competition and I won! I had a -4 today so the total of -6 was the best score.
I totally did not expect this but I am the winner of the Alison Scott Salver...
Thanks again for all your help.

Hope you had a nice round at the Lakes and isn't it great about Adam Scott?


Hello Darren
First of all thanks for the forwarding of the link giving access to the lesson video . I am not a born golfer and will never be , but I reckon that with the few lessons that you gave me, I made more drastic improvements in my swing than I ever did with all the lessons combined I have taken in the past . You have the talent to express how to correct the wrong position. It worked for me and I hope when I come back next time around Christmas , you will be providing lessons and advices to progress in my game at a more advanced level than today.
Regards Jean Pierre

Thanks Darren. I found the lesson really helpful, will hopefully be able to book a lesson in a few weekends time when work is quiet!
Paulette Lo


Golfer-iconHi Darren An update on play today with new putter and stroke . After 3 putting on the 1st (nerves and getting pace of greens) I proceeded to 2 or 1 putt the next 17 holes, some from 40ft +. 1 putt from off the green was about 40ft, for a tap in 4/4 on the 14th. I now have the touch I never had with the claw grip (despite Sergio’s success). Pace was excellent.

My mates just said my putting was absolutely outstanding. Scored 35 points with 3 wipes caused by sand problems and short game issues. Short game still a challenge and I definitely need a sand lesson.

Regards Rudi 



Golfer-iconHi Darren, I won in my semis today -- 8 up with 6 to play.I got out of every fairway and greenside bunker and putted well :)

Will be playing an opponent who has the same handicap as me so should be interesting... Let you know after the finals this Sunday.

Thanks, Sharon




Dear coach Darren
good morning

i was so happy that my first lesson with you, you are so kind and friendly。as first time to start this sport i hope i can leaning well from you :)thank you for your patient from your student Joanne can i please get the photo from the class that you took? thanksEmojiEmoji

best regards

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