Golf Knowledge

How does one become a golfing champion? Is it the product of training and good coaching, or are there certain inborn abilities that determine who makes it and who doesn't?

Toughness Of Junior Golf Players How Parents Can Help

What Golf Really Is If you ever take a step back and look at the game of golf, you realize that it's really just a game. But is it really just a game or can you learn something from it.

Players feeling empty inside. They lack self worth and self respect and don't feel good about themselves. They start playing golf and notice some results. They improve fast, especially if they are talented. They seem to be good.

The Contact Zone  Fixation helps to control both the emotions and thoughts reducing stress and anxiety, therefore increases self-confidence. In addition, the after-impact fixation stage participates to the fixation of the player in the present, what promotes flow and would have a positive impact on performance.

How To Play Like You Practice The main difference is caring.