Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Moment Of Truth - Impact

By Darren

The ball flight never lies, because it is based around these four facts:

1. Where the clubface is pointed when it strikes the ball.

2. The path of the club as it is hitting the ball

3. The angle of attack between the club and the ball

4. Or if you hit the center of the club or not.

All of these factors are going to influence the way the ball fly's. Perhaps the biggest mis-conception I see in teaching golf is people think they have to get under the ball in order to make it fly up.

Infact because the golf club has loft on it, you need to hit down on all the iron shots to make the ball go up. This hitting down creates friction which creates spin on the ball helping it fly.

So at impact the focus needs to be creating the low point of the arc infront of the ball, focus your attention 3-4 inch's infront of the golf ball and hit the ball solid.

This is also means you need your body moving forward and through into the finish you need to be getting taller.