Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Understanding The Downswing

By Darren

The downswing is the start of clubhead speed in the golf swing. Similar to fishing where you take the rod back smoothly and then cast the line with a whip like motion the downswing is also the point where you want the shaft to load to create the speed.

What you have to understand to perform the downswing correctly is that it is the exact opposite sequence of the backswing.

So the club is the last thing that moves in the downswing, with the correct sequence being:

1. The force to go into the ground while the hips accelerate

2. The shoulders to unwind and accelerate

3. The arms accelerate and drop vertically bringing the club back onto the shaft plane

4. The club to accelrate into the ball.

If you can create that sequence you will have the perfect transfer of energy within your swing and a lot more energy left after your practice sessions.




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on Apr 15 '12
Try this drill:1. Put a driver dochaever under your right armpit and compress it with the right arm2. Do a normal upswing3. Keep the HC under the right armpit and don't let it drop4. Perform the downswing and try to hit the ball and keep the HC compressed5. During the takeaway the HC should fall just beside you when you complete your turnThis drill will promote inside-out swing and you should be able to do without the HC after a few practice.Try it if it works, vote me for best answer.