Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Moving Into The Top Of The Backswing

By Darren

Continuing from the takeaway we need to make sure the body and the arms are doing the correct thing working together, so that they all reach top of the swing with the most elasticity.

Keeping in mind that the downswing into impact is a movement that takes place within half a second it is important that there is no movement laterally in the backswing, so the head stays still.

The only way to make this happen is to turn the left shoulder down and under the chin, which historically isn’t the way the golf swing has been taught with a more level shoulder turn being the norm.

This is in fact the biggest change Tiger Woods has made to his new golf swing consequently his pivot is now much more in the box or on top of the ball.

If you slice the ball this new turn direction is a must for you. This will stop you from coming over the top or from too much of an outside in path.

(In the picture I am 15 years old, see the left shoulder working under the chin)