Thursday, 23 February 2012

Should You Always Tee Your Ball Up?

By Darren

The Secret To Having The Best Lie When you have the opportunity for a perfect lie, why give yourself a mediocre one?

I ask this question to myself every time I'm on the golf course and I see golfers, some good and some bad, hitting a tee shot on a par-3 hole without ever teeing up the ball.

These golfers just drop the ball and then roll it around with the end of their club until they “think” they have a satisfactory lie. However, there is always a good chance that the lie is not satisfactory at all and of course it is not the best possible lie.

The Guaranteed “Best” Lie Even on the most accurately mowed tee areas, tiny blades of grass will come between the ball and the clubface should the ball not be totally clear up and above the ground.

These tiny blades of grass can reduce the backspin as well as magnify any mistakes you might make in your swing. The most frequent result is a shot that holds its line pretty good but has a tendency to “sail” up and over the green.

A par three hole is already hard enough as it is without making any mistakes that could be easily prevented.

What you need to do is always tee up the ball so that it sits above the top of the grass. You now are clear for a clean, crisp shot, with absolutely no obstructions from grass.