Thursday, 29 December 2011

Putting – Practice Your Way To Becoming A World Champ

By Darren

Putting the ball may sound simple, but you must spend as much time as you possibly can practicing from various lengths and different breaks.

Spend time on the green with long putts, short ones, hit putts that break from right to left, left to right, holing out straight putts, etc.

There is an enormous variety of practice putting practice to put in. By investing your time into practicing every type of putt you can think of, you will become more comfortable and confident with any scenario on the green.

To better help with your practice ask yourself the following questions:

1. Did you hit the ball too hard or too soft?

2. Did you happen to misread the break?

3. Are you comfortable enough with the length of putt you had?

4. When the ball hit the hole, how did it to react? Did roll right over? Did it sink but then bounce out?

5. Did you use an uneven stroke which caused you to pull or push the putt?

Finally the best speed of your putt is one where it will travel 17 inch's past the cup if you miss.


on Jan 14 '12
Love the blog
on Jan 29 '12
Thanks Darren - very helpful