Saturday, 3 December 2011

It's Golf Season

By Darren

Watching A Live Golf Game: How To Pick The Best Viewing Spot! One of the most important aspects of attending a live golf tournament is to effectively set up your viewing plan so that you can enjoy watching exactly what you came to see – the game!


Too many golf fans do not strategically plan their stake-out areas. Either they miss out on their favorite players and incredible swings, or they are overcrowded and cannot move or see anything.


My Favorite Viewing Plan


There are several ways to choose how to watch a live golf game. What I like to do is select two or three professional golfers that I admire and concentrate on them for the entire day.


The key is to get a “pairing sheet” which tells you the exact time that specific golfers will be teeing off. There is usually plenty of time in between each of my favorite pros. This provides me with enough viewing pleasure to at least see one golfer's 1st  five or six holes before moving on to the next professional