Saturday, 19 November 2011

Go With The Flow

By Darren

The mind can be the biggest enemy of a golf player. 
It is why so many pro's falter when they are about to win a tournament.

The mind gets in the way. The want to win and all the complications of prior conditioning come into play creating confusion. 

Golf is a game of feel. Very much like dancing.

There is only so much physically the mind can do to improve the strokes. Then you must take control and tell it to relax and let go.

The muscle memory knows how to execute the shots. It´s the joy of feeling the ball and the flow of the movement executing the stroke.

That doesn´t mean that you can´t practice to make perfect the correct body movements, but it is the attitude that is important. As they say, go with the flow. Find the bliss of the sport and it really won´t matter, win or lose, but how you play the game. Feel it, enjoy it. The moment is all that matters.