Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Perfect Grip

By Darren

For all you beginner golfers out there, you may not be putting as much time and energy into your grip as you should be.


Most new golfers are more concerned about swinging the club and hitting the ball. However, as you get more familiar with the game, you'll realize that how you hold the club has a lot to do with how you swing and the quality of impact you make with the ball.


Individualizing Your Grip


Many top golf players have a unique grip, one that they personally came up, and is different than the stand grips used by other golfers. You can certainly develop your own unique grip as you progress through the game.


The perfect grip allows you to have complete control of the club and provides a feeling of connection between your hands and all the way down to the clubhead.


In a perfect grip, your arms and the club become a single entity that connects to the shaft. The grip should not be too tight or it will create tension in your arms and hands, which then impairs the fluidity and flexibility of your swing.

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