Thursday, 20 October 2011

Is Balance Counter Balance?

By Darren

Balance Drill – A Simple 2-Step Drill To Help Beginner Golfer's Perfect Their Swing Balance


A common problem that beginner golfers have on their downswing is properly transferring their weight.


New golfers tend to be slightly tentative with their swing, so they end up hanging back a bit. The result from this bad habit ends up with scooped shots that veer off to the right with very little power.


In order to get your balance or counter balance in order, there is a simple drill that is designed to help you feel the proper weight shift over to the front foot. The beauty of this drill is that there are only two results that can happen;


A) You properly shift your weight, or


B) You topple over.


1. Set up with your normal stance, but before taking your backswing, slide the back foot behind the front foot, leaving only the toe touching the ground for support. Yes, this will leave you unbalanced when you take your backswing, but that is part of the design.


2. Now when you have reached the top portion of the backswing, swing through the golf ball like you would on any normal shot. With your feet positioned as instructed in step 1 above, your body should automatically make the proper weight transfer to your front side.