Monday, 19 September 2011

Learn From A Pro - Luke Donald's Open Clubface

By Darren

On most pitch shots, it is advisable to adopt a slightly open clubface at address. This is because it is easier to control your ball flight and have some finesse in your game if there is some loft on the clubface.


Also, it allows you to commit to striking down and through the shot, without the fear of over-shooting the green.

Look at great pitcher of the ball, someone like England's Luke Donald.


His swing is blessed with a wonderful sense of rhythm and timing right down through the bag. And it doesn't matter if he is pitching from 80 yards or half that distance – he always commits to the shot fully through impact.


Keep in mind that it is not a hard hit, rather, it is a positive and committed strike delivered with a sense of the arms and body working together. It is very controlled.




- Keep a firm left arm at impact.

- Hands lead the clubhead into the ball.

- Focus on the back of the ball for solid ball/turf contact.