Tuesday, 2 April 2019

2 Common Downswing Mistakes

By Darren

The 2 most common downswing mistakes people make with the golf swing are:

1. Casting - This is a fault created mostly by the beginner player trying to lift the ball in the air while the more intemediate player cast's the club more so from a bad pivot action and falling back.

2. Just pulling the handle from the top , leaving the face of the club wide open at impact.

The downswing is not only a pulling action, because you also have to square the clubface for impact. If you just pulled, the face would be wide open—and you'd flare everything dead right. So after the initial pull, focus on turning the knuckles of your left hand down. Your goal is to get the back of that hand—the logo on your glove—facing the target at impact.

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