Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Is It A Waste Of Time Practicing On Mats?

By Darren

The quick answer to whether it is a waste of time practicing on driving range mats is no, as in most cases it is the only option for a lot of golfer's within their local area.

However it can become a false enconomy rewarding you with decent ball flight when on the grass the club would have stubbed the ground behind the ball.

This is because on the mat the club will bounce.

It can also be bad for your hands and arm's long term with a lot of jarring occuring from the impact on the mats, as with grass there is give.

The hardest walk in golf is often getting from the practice range to the first tee and so you must consider this will be made harder if you have not made your practice as simulated to the real thing as possible.

This is why I do teach off grass when conducting lessons and would encourge you to praactice from grass as often as possible.