Friday, 23 June 2017

Baseball Concepts For New Golfer's

By Darren

The Baseball Golf Swing

The Baseball Swing Concept For Beginners

In my opinion people are taught to play golf in the wrong direction. In the beginning golfers are instructed to do movements with all the emphasis on moving back.(Backswing)

Perhaps more importantly, we should be asking beginners to move forward as golf is played on a course in front of us similar to a baseball batter looking at the pitcher and hitting into a diamond.

I believe this is why so much confusion regarding turn in the golf swing exists. Moe Norman once said he worked on turning 17 degrees in his swing so why does most mainstream instruction talk about 90 degrees.

Getting beginners to build coil is tremendously hard ( as seen in the picture on the right), when it should be as easy as pulling the arms across the chest whilst using the chest as the governor restricting the arm swing.

A simple baseball drill is great for this (Simply throwing a ball as in the picture on the left.)

Beginners should also start at impact and push through into a finish position or use impact through as their fundamental training movement.

Why? Because baseball concepts build swings far quicker and take emphasis away from the target line concept which is the no.1 killer of golf swings. The correct golf swing has the right amount of upward motion and the right amount of inward motion.

Unlike croquet where the handle of the club is above the mallets sweet spot, (vertical) and the players swing on a perfect pendulum, our handle joins the clubhead on an angle making it necessary to swing on an arc.

Again baseball swings introduce the right concepts of the path of the swing.

Perhaps this is why these statistics exist:

  • 80% of golfers never achieve a sub 18 handicap.
  • 94% complain about inconsistency.
  • 71% complain that they slice the ball
  • 62% complain that they can't get distance with their swings