Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bryson De Chambeau

By Darren

It is great to see Bryson De Chambeau making his way into the Professional golf game with a T4 last week seeing him gain a start in the Valero Texas Open this week.

He seems a nice young man, and is certainly working on doing all things right, to be accepted.

One thing I like about this 22 year old is how say's he has finished his golf swing, in fact how it was a goal of his to finish his swing before he started out on the tour.

Not only that but I like the way he swings, he has made the technique he uses really simple. It has already proven repeatable, and I think he can WIN and win a lot.

Now the only thing I am concerned about is how he will handle that success because a lot of the time people do get nasty with people winning and even bully them, and if he is trying to please everyone this may hurt him.

What I thik will prove vitally important to Bryson is having a really good team around him to help keep the negatives away from him.