Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The US Open - Chambers Bay

By Darren

For someone to claim this weeks title they will have to navigate a course many are calling ridiculous. Chambers Bay will host the 115th edition of the United States Open.

Much controversy has already surrounded the course and yet little to nothing is known about how it will play.


Chambers bay is located in University Place, WA, and was designed specifically for a United States Open. It is actually the first course to be played at a US Open that was designed for exactly that reason.

I was surprised to learn that Chambers Bay will actually be the first Robert Trent Jones Course to play host to a United States Open.

I would love to tell you the yardage to this Par 70 track but no one really knows. What organizers will do is base the yardage on wind, weather, and hole/tee locations. It is expect to play anywhere between 7200-7700 yards this week, and will most likely differ everyday. That may seem long to many but there are some massive elevation changes on the course, and the fairways will be extremely hard.

The main things to watch for this week will be how the greens play. Keeping the ball in the fairway will be a key as there is sand and long whispy grass everywhere (only one tree on the course), but it will come down to short game. Take a second to search Bubba Watson holing crazy putt at Chambers Bay to help gain an understanding of how ridiculous these greens are.


We obviously have most of the worlds best playing this week. They are being accompanied by many great stories who have qualified through regional and sectional competitions.

It is truly one of the great events for this exact reason, as it gives ‘regular’ citizens the opportunity to live out a dream. Four players will dominate the coverage this week though. Rory McIlroy is the world number one and for good reason he deserves to get a large part of the attention. Jordan Spieth is world number two and coming off his first career Major victory at this years Masters. Phil Mickelson has been playing well lately and will be looking for the career grand slam this week. Last but not least Tiger Woods will garner a ton of media (as he always does), based on his recent struggles and chase of Jack Nicklaus’ Major wins record (18).