Thursday, 11 June 2015

Practice Makes Permanent-Not Perfect

By Darren
Golf Driving Range

"Maximize Your Potential"

Many golfers waste time hitting golf ball's on the range.

Why not get maximum benefit from your golf practice by adding discipline and treating each golf ball you hit with a purpose.

Beginners first become aware of the number of balls in a basket when they enter the driving range desk.

Golf is different to volleyball, soccer or basketball practice, where you would probably see 10-15 balls.

In golf they might see from 50 to 200 balls or even more in one basket.

The reason is simple – repetition is the mother of skill and a golf beginner will have to make many repetitions before they'll be able to master the swing and it's a complex action which takes time to become our second nature.

So to answer the question:

There are many balls because motor learning (learning how to hit and move) takes many repetitions and you should be ready for that.

Also understand it's ok to miss before you get the right technique by learning to move in a new way.