Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tiger Woods vs. The Feild

By Darren

The Deep Mental Battle That's Really Going On

A champion like Tiger Woods or basically anyone who has won multiple Majors and has been #1 has incredible drive inside of him or her.

It's in fact this drive that often separates Major champions from the rest and not any other special abIndexilities.

Now if you're also a golf player you know what gives you the most satisfaction when you win - it's beating a tough feild.

It's not so much winning the tournament, dropping your handicap or the trophy, but it's the primal feeling of DOMINATING .

It's the Alpha male behaviour. 

The emotional response you see here is one of dominating the opponent. It's the satisfaction of beating someone else and being better than him.

The energy surge you see is because when you dominate someone you suck up the energy from your opponent.

Woods, who has been dominating the world of golf for so long is used to beating others and enjoying that domination.

Of course, he is more reserved in the press but watch carefully and you'll see his aggressive, dominating persona on the course when he battles it out.

And what Woods really hates is someone sucking the energy from him.

This energy loss does not happen only when you lose a tournament, it happens at almost every hole.

The more difficult the competition, the more your opponent dominated you on a hole or even humiliated you in the round, the bigger the loss of energy there is for the loser.

I am not talking about physical energy here, but emotional energy. When you're disappointed, you're low on energy. That loss of emotional energy then transfers to physical energy too.

So a player needs to find that balance between dominating the opponents and still playing smart tactical golf.

Tiger Woods either consciously or subsconsciously does not want the feild to dominate him.

Being dominated by the feild hurts him emotionally so much that he refuses to play smarter golf.

That's why Woods is willing to lose the event as for him that is a lesser loss of energy than letting the feild dominate him.

Woods is basically saying - I'd rather lose myself than allowing you to dominate me.

And of course this all boils down to ego. It's that ego that prevents Woods from trying till the end in every tournament. He is playing in a way that doesn't make him look like a weaker player.

He is trying to portray the image of someone who always dominates his opponents and who is never pressed around the course by a better player.