Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Putting – How Much Practice Time Do You Spend Putting?

By Darren

Hundreds of golf books and articles have been written entirely about putting. The variety of information that can be found on this simple little shot involves different putting styles, strategies, types of putters, philosophies, and individual techniques. There are even pieces of information that include scientific theories and research tests about putting.

Is Putting Really That Important To Study?

Beginner golfers, amateurs, and even some players at the professional level all tend to overlook just how integral putting is to the game of golf. I know it sounds strange that so many golfers do not consider their putting skills to be paramount to every other type of golf shot, but you have to understand that many people have a fascination with sending the ball skyrocketing through the air from the tee and images of professional golfers sending the ball through great distances with the swing of ultimate grace, not the “boring” putt shot.

The truth is that putting is the culmination of every shot you made on each hole. Each shot you take leads up to that one defining moment when you must make the ball in the hole. 

Think about it, you already got your tee shot straight and flying as far as you can. You've taken the approach shot(s) without sending the ball into the rough or other disaster hazards, and now it is on the green waiting to shine as it sinks smoothly into the hole without a glitch.

The Importance Of Sharpening Up Your Putting Skills

When it comes to scoring, putting is the most important part of golf. This final shot takes the perfect amount of speed, confidence, coordination, and precision. You need to adjust your body and swing type so that just enough strength is used to tap the ball, while holding back the excitement you feel to be making the last shot.

And above all, what if you miss? That in itself takes great character to not “blow your top”, so to speak, out of sheer frustration.

You should take the putt shot as serious as you do with every other shot, regardless of the short distance it needs to travel. Consider a long drive that you just hit from the tee which traveled 200 to 300 yards. This giant shot counts the same as a putt: 1 stroke.

The scorecard doesn't care what type of shot you have to make. So it goes without saying that if you are going to put so much practice into your golf game, especially on the driving range, it is equally important to devote practice and skill to your putting shots.