Saturday, 23 August 2014

Paralysis By Analysis

By Darren

“Thinkers are Stinkers”


Thinking to much is why so many golfer's attempts at breaking their Magic Number fail.


We often times get into more of a thinking mode as opposed to sticking with the PLAN that we set out with. 


Or often pressure more often than not causes us to make a poor golf swing or putting stroke. Yet, this is self-induced pressure. Because in the early part of the round when this was just another day on the golf course … you swung smoothly and hit good golf shots.


But as the round progressed, and you noticed how well you were playing … you start to put more pressure on yourself to continue to hit good (or even more perfect) golf shots on every shot!

When this happens, watch it acknowledge it and let it go away and continue to do your best to stay relaxed and play the way that got you into that position.