Friday, 27 December 2013

Distance Is A Killer Nowdays

By Darren
I have been getting your email lessons and each one is a pearl on its own. I have taken to printing them and taking revision from time to time.
I have been playing for 60 years and I know or have heard of the small details you have noted and as I get older I need to pay more attention.
However, as we go through life us blokes have difficulty thinking about more than one thing at a time. Is this the reason we have trouble with consistency?
Distance is the killer nowadays.
Can you give us a note on how to speed up the swing with out going too quick at the top, over the top, and getting the lag to best effect.
I live in Port Macquarie and I tell my friends that I only play home games. Lots of blokes praise their own courses, but when I say ours is best I am right.(Heaven on top of the grass.)
Kind regards,
Bill Keech

In the golf swing the power comes from internal rotation and educated hands.

In essence the engine or the pivot delivers the power and that’s everything from foot action, to knee action to hip action to shoulder action (70 percent of your power comes from the right shoulder being down plane).

  1. The hips move at 2/mph
  2. The shoulders move at 5/mph
  3. The hands move at 15 /mph
  4. The club head moves at 115 /mph

So that everything moves at the same RPM

The 3 Types of acceleration within the golf swing are.

1. Over acceleration- pushing the club faster than you are moving.

2. Avoiding- people get scared of hitting the ground and slow down

3. Harnessed energy – kids and professionals are the best examples of going with the energy.