Saturday, 14 December 2013

3 Actions Mentally Tough Athletes Never Take

By Darren
  1. Feel sorry for yourself. Self pity is a waste of time. It depletes your power. Sure there are bad calls by referees, injuries at critical moments and unexpected upsets. Life’s not fair. Seek the insights instead of the problems. Then take personal responsibility to make necessary changes to be better prepared next time.
  2. Become powerless. Don’t allow anyone else to define who you are or how you should feel. Insecure athletes give away their power. Recognize that you ALWAYS have total control over your feelings and your actions. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  3. Avoid change. It’s easy to get comfortable and stop pushing yourself. Mentally tough athletes consistently seek to push beyond their current abilities. That’s because complacency is the enemy. Continually strive to do more, be more and achieve more.