Thursday, 24 October 2013

Have You Been Told To Slow Your Swing Down?

By Darren

Myth. Slow your swing down. One of the most common things students tell me is something like “If I could just slow down, I’d be fine.” See there I go again, too quick,” or “I rushed that one.”

I explain to them in fact speed relates to movement and it is more likely they are being told to slow their swing down because the body is out of position and moving around too much.

Fact. Generate speed within your swing. Almost everyone wants and needs to hit the golf ball further.

The No. 1 contributor to distance is speed. Lots of it. The more the merrier. With that in mind, why would you swing slower? Most people I teach lack distance due to lack of arm speed.

Instead find the maximum speed at which you can swing without losing your balance and practice building speed in your swing. 

If apin persists and you still hear the slow your swing down mantra from friends then it may be time to re-build your set up so as to minimize the amount you are moving around during your swing.