Saturday, 12 October 2013

Grip Tip: The Correct Thumb Placement That Nobody Talks About

By Darren

Grip Tip: The Correct Thumb Placement That Nobody Talks About

When it comes to the mastering your golf grip there is one important factor involved that I do not see too many golf enthusiasts talking about: How the thumb should be placed on the grip.

Should your thumb be loose? Should it be pressed down tightly? Should the thumb just lie down flat against the top of the shaft?

The Answer To These Questions Are Important

Now if you are the type of golfer who only gets out on the weekends then you probably have a tendency to just grab the club with your left hand, wrap your right hand around it and then be on your way swinging. Unfortunately you are preventing a better grip which can help your game tremendously.

The way you should place your thumb should have it touching as much of the grip as possible, thus creating a more firm grip. This is especially true if you have small hands.

What I like to do is push my thumb as far down the club shaft as it can go, so long as the grip remains comfortable. By working on your thumb placement in this same manner your grip will give you more control of the club while providing a little extra feel in your swing. Try it and you will notice a difference immediately.