Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Golf Strategy

By Darren

Taking Advantage Of Dogleg Holes

The great thing about playing a dogleg hole is the opportunity of success that it presents right from your tee off. Depending on your confidence and driving ability, this type of hole can be played as long or as short as you want it to.

The primary point to consider on a dogleg hole is of course the possibility of cutting the corner and planting an easy shot onto the green. My advice would be to go for such a shot so long as the penalty for not carrying the corner is not too severe.

Be smart about it.

Always make your shot in the attempt to follow the contours of the hole. For example, if the hole is from the left to the right and the trouble area is in the bend, and you have decided not to cut the corner, then aim your tee shot towards the left of the fairway with a fade to the center.

The result will be maximum roll while getting as close as possible to the green, without risking hitting towards the right at the corner of the hole's dogleg.