Saturday, 5 October 2013

Presidents Cup

By Darren

Television's Influence On Golf

Golf was not yet considered a distinguished sport until the mid-1950s. However, tremendous changes happened during the late 50's when television made its way into more and more homes. It was during this time then the rise of one man who would change the course of golf forever.

Meet The Great Arnold Palmer

The game made its way into the hearts of golf fans everywhere after the introduction of sports in television, along with the help of a professional golf player, Arnold Palmer, considered to be one of the greatest and most celebrated players in the history of golf.

Nicknamed “The King”, Arnold Palmer started as a young, enthusiastic golfer and brought an unconventional way on how the game was played. He conquered renowned golf courses with absolute success, and gained an enormous loyal group of followers who called themselves the Arnie's Army.

Television was able to cover this celebration. Every event was captured on the screen, and the rebirth of golf began. Since then, the game became a mainstream to the public leading up all the way to this weeks presidents cup.