Friday, 12 July 2013

A Special Sand Shot

By Darren

A Secret Sand Shot

There is a unique sand shot that could otherwise be a little known secret amongst professional golfers.

The setup for this secret bunker shot must have the ball located in the sand very near the back bank of the bunker. And the bunker wall must be so steep that you will not be able to draw the club back in your normal fashion.

This particular shot can be attempted hundreds of times without success unless you have the right recipe. Here are the instructions:

1. Simply assume your normal trap-shot stance.

2. Now pick the club straight up, but breaking your arms the same as you would if you were picking up an ax before chopping a piece of wood.

3. Now hit down approximately 2 inches high on the ball with overly strong right-handed action.

There cannot be any follow-through all or else the clubhead will bury itself into the sand. The arc of the shot is up and down instead of back and forth, just like a woodcutter, but your shot will be a success.