Monday, 8 July 2013

Understanding Weight Shift

By Darren

After instructing thousands of golfers - including PGA Pros -- I have realized 95% of ALL golf swing problems are due to incorrect weight shift.

You see my swing fault was a reverse pivot or tilt and in my early day's I was instructed to do a drill that involved standing with my feet together behind the ball whilst swinging to the top of my backswing and then stepping toward the target as I made the downswing and hit the ball.

While this drill would produce the required hitting angle when I hit balls from the correct set up the reverse pivot would return because I really didn't understand the information and it was not through a lack of effort (I was doing 300-400 reps a day!)

Actually what happened is my body rejected the new movement because it had not received a pure understanding from the mind

Then came the turning point in my improvement...... in the first lesson with one of Australia's best golf teachers he asked me what “weight” was?

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Darren Golsby