Monday, 20 May 2013

Tip Of The Week Ending 19-5-2013

By Darren

Recently on reflecting on pupils I teach and their improvement cycles the main thing I noticed is that golfers are to caught up with making swings and are not playing golf.

By focusing their efforts on technique and making mistakes by playing the wrong shots, choosing the wrong clubs and generally by going for low percentage shots, golfers are developing a learning cycle of frustration as they fail to get much reward for their efforts.

As in the picture above with Tiger Woods great players and their caddies map golf courses for hours before they play them and still hit bad shot and they hardly ever go for a shot they haven't executed before.

So the tip this week is to spend some more time working on your overall game, and the best place to start is with your routines.

As a coach I am now looking to put the change in a golfers technique within their routines, this is the only way results can truly be gained on the golf course.