Monday, 20 May 2013

Keegan Bradley Makes Rookie Error

By Darren

I was speaking with a colleague of mine on the phone this morning and he was watching a replay of the last round of the Byron Nelson tournament in the US, when he noticed a rookie error.

After Keegan Bradley shot 60 in the first round I was hoping being with Cleveland golf he could go wire to wire and win by leading every round since Tom Watson did so in 1980.

But when he hit his ball into the water on the the third hole, it was clear he would struggle as he made a total rookie error as my colleague pointed out.

See he the water on the hole is on the right and Bradley instead of walking over to the right hand side of the tee box and aiming away from the trouble, instead struck his drive from the left hand side of the tee box aiming straight at and then finding the water.

After losing by only 2 shots this mistake really did prove to be costly.