Monday, 29 April 2013

How To Become A Better Decision Maker On The Golf Course

By Darren
1. Practice specific situations. Isolate one situation and work on it in order to store the decisions you make in this particular situation. Example: Getting up and down from a downhill lie.

2. Gradually add more options. Example:Play matchplay against yourself, (with 2 balls) hitting 1 ball off the tee with an iron and the second with a driver...learning when it is best to take the more aggressive option.

3. Watch a lot of golf. I think this is the BEST way to learn smart tactics. Do not watch the ball, but observe the patterns of play and try to understand and remember the type of shot that is played in a certain situation.

When you play golf and DECIDE on a specific type of shot, in your mind's eye you SEE the ball's flight (direction, speed, spin, depth and height).

There are no words in the decision made in your mind, just an image of how you want the ball to fly.

That's why it's best to store the information in the same way - visually.