Saturday, 30 March 2013

5 Short Game Tips Professional Golfers Use

By Darren

The pros place so much emphasis on mastering the most important shots in golf – the short game, here are 5 tips to help you with your game.

Chipping Is Simple, So Keep It That Way

You have probably heard the expression “Keep It Simple”, and it pertains to golf more than anything else. Professional players will always tell you never to complicate a shot that doesn't need to be over-analyzed. Always take the opportunity to play a straightforward chip shot rather than an over-the-top fancy lob shot.

Get To Know The Ratio Of Your Carry/Rolls

The best way to become a skilled chipper is to know exactly how each club in your golf bag performs. For example, assuming that you make the same distance of swing with every club, the sand wedge will spend 90% of its time airborne while only 10% on the ground, while your 4 iron will spend approximately 10% in the air and 90% on the ground. The 7 iron will carry about 50% of the way and roll on the ground for the other 50%.

Do Not Take The Flag Out When Chipping

Many golfers go through the dilemma of whether or not to remove the flagstick when they are setting up to chip from just off the edge of the green. There are various opinions on the matter but Tiger Woods has the opinion that it's best to leave the flagstick in as it can stop the ball from running past the hole.

It has even helped many chip shots sink the ball into the cup. By taking it out, you have to be 100% spot on with the correct speed for the ball to sink so it's better to have the protection of the stick.

When Under Pressure, Use A Straight Faced Club

AnytIme you feel pressure around the green, always pick the club with the straightest blade to take care of the job. You may have to use the 3 iron to get the proper roll needed.

When In Low Grass, Take A More Lofted Club

Whenever your ball has landed low in the grass always expect to hit a low flying shot. The best approach here is to make a chip shot with as much loft as possible in order to get the height you want, which should automatically dig out the ball with ease. And on the other side of the coin, when the ball has settled on high grass you can expect it to fly higher than usual, so it would be a wise choice to chip with a less lofted club to reduce the height.