Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Are You A Natural Golfer.

By Darren

Being a natural golfer is certainly a great head start but keep this in mind: naturals cannot control their environment. They don’t know why they do things – they only do things a certain way because it’s how they’ve always done them. They work at an entirely subconscious level. That's exactly what being a 'natural' means. If you don't know why it works, it''s because you are not aware of it. Therefore it seems to be 'natural' to you.

Evolutionarily speaking, that is not an adaptive trait. It is not a quality that will help them survive in the long run. In lessons with me you, however, you are going to learn how to have the same level of success by acting on a conscious level. You will be able to control everything you do, and therefore also be in control of the subsequent outcomes.

This is far more powerful because when something doesn’t go the way you plan, you’ll know how to fix it. A natural in the same situation would be forced to give up and move on.

Think about it this way: most people get in a car, turn it on, and drive it without actually understanding how the car works. Only mechanics, the true experts on the subject, understand how a car functions. So what happens, if you’re not a mechanic, when your car breaks down? You have to call someone who knows aboutcars so they can come and fix it for you. But if you are a mechanic and you find yourself with a busted car, you simply have to pull over, assess the damage, and fix it. In fact, it might even run better than when you started out, same with your golf swing.