Sunday, 12 August 2012

Golf Clubs – Golf Club Buying Tips For New Golfers

By Darren

There are hundreds of different golf companies today that manufacturer an enormous assortment of golf equipment and golf clubs. It can be extremely overwhelming on what decisions to make for those of you who are buying your clubs for the first time.

Just like women's makeup, trendy clothes, and electronics, golf equipment manufacturers seem to always be coming out with the latest-and-greatest of golf products that everyone rushes to buy.

The truth is that playing decent golf has less to do about the equipment and more so about your skills. Having said that, take notes of the few golf club buying tips below:

In the beginning, you can find a decent beginner's golf club set for around $500. It should include irons, woods, and a bag and a putter.

Ask me for a personal fitting this can be arranged at Moore Park Golf Range.

The picture is a set of Lady's clubs I currently have for $349.00 let meknow when you are ready to buy.