Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What You Can Learn From Ernie Els 2012 Open Champion

By Darren

A Lesson Ernie Els's Extended Arms

Ernie Els is one of the greatest ball strikers in the game & his seemingly effortless and beautifully rhythmic swing disguising serious power and great compression of the golf ball at impact.

It's one of the many reasons why his iron shots fly so pure, straight, and far!

There is much in Ernie's swing that every golfer can learn from, such as the way his arms are fully extended as he swings the clubhead into and through the ball. This helps him carry good speed into the ball and deliver that all-important descending blow.

To emulate Ernie's positive move through impact, visualize your right arm extending fully toward the target and the clubhead traveling low to the ground after the ball. This will encourage you to swing freely through the ball and extend your arms like Ernie does.

 * The right arm should be fully extended at impact.

 * Keep the clubhead in line with the target through the shot.

 * The legs provide a solid platform for the powerful unwinding of the body and a free swing of the arms.