Friday, 25 May 2012

The Number 1 Reason For Losing When In The Lead

By Darren

Losing a lead in a golf tournament can be a very frustrating experience. You can lose 3 shot lead in even a hole or two.

This doesn't happen only to club players and inexperienced junior players; even the top players on the PGA and LPGA tours can become victims of nerves or other factors that cause them to lose a lead.

As you can probably guess, the reason for this is all in the mind; and although there can be many reasons we lose a lead, the #1 reason is that our focus (mindset) changes at some point in the ROUND.

We get ahead of field and we start thinking that we don't want to lose the lead. It seems quite logical and not very dangerous, but this is one of the biggest mental golf traps you can fall into.

When we focus on what we want

Here's why this doesn't work: you very likely were focused on each shot at a time up to the point when you realized that you were leading and that you had a chance of winning. You then suddenly changed your focus from what you wanted (winning) instead of the process.

My goal with this article is to help readers realize the faulty logic in the "I don't want to lose the lead" type of thinking.

When we know this, we have the power to ignore our negative thoughts the next time they appear when we're in the lead.

We can say to ourself, "Don't tell me to focus on not losing a lead; it won't work. If I play too safely, I will stop making pars and birdies, which I NEED to win.

"I'll continue to focus on the exact same thing I did that helped me acquire such a good lead. And that was focusing on what I want, playing each shot at a time and staying in the present.

We can give ourself this self talk in 10 seconds, and thereby prevent this type of thinking ("I don't want to lose the lead.") from staying in our awareness and affecting our game.

Remember, always focus on what you want, and never focus on what you don't want! You will definitely win many more tournaments this way when you're in the lead.

Also, be aware of the reality of sports; no matter what you do, you will lose a lead, and a tournament, sometimes.

Everyone has lost a lead and everyone will lose a lead in sports at some point and this is inevitable. Too many elements in golf are beyond our control - including, of course, our opponents.