Saturday, 19 May 2012

Short Game Class – Chipping

By Darren

With the percentage most people practice firstly consider that you probably will hit your driver 14 times during a round and that the average person will probably miss 12 greens in regulation per round so it is wise to balance ones practice.

Old v’s New

Look through most magazines from the 80’s and you will see chipping explained in terms of placing the ball back in the stance and placing the hands forward. The problem with this is it de-lofts or takes the loft off the club and can cause the leading edge of the club to dig into the ground.

As a preference I teach a more forward ball position more lined with your left heel and then getting the hands forward by moving the weight into 80 percent of the left side. This will align the club and your arm and then when you place the right hand on the club it will create a y shape in the arms. From here simply maintain the Y hitting down on the ball without having the club stop 2 quickly.

Hybrid Chip

A hybrid chip is a great alternative to the Texas wedge when the lie is tight and there is too much green between your ball and the edge of the green.

When playing the hybrid chip you need to stand taller and then simply use your putting stroke.

The Flop Shot

The flop shot is a shot I recommend playing only in very special circumstances when you need to get the ball to stop quickly.

To play the flop shot you need to firstly open the face at address and from there the club will aim right of target so adjust your stance (open) until the club aims once again at the target. Next lower the shaft which produces a steeper angle of attack on the back and down, and remember unlike the chip shot where you hold the angle in the through swing, with the flop shot allow the club head to pass the hands through impact.