Monday, 23 April 2012

Perhaps The Biggest Swing Change Tiger Has Made

By Darren

With Tiger Woods currently going through his third major swing change of his career there are a few who would say he is crazy in doing so.

In my opinion he is making the correct changes based on his swing pattern from his younger years being shut and across the line.

And perhaps the biggest change he has made relates to his posture from the back angle. You can see from the photo above how much more Tiger is over the ball with his legs straighter and the main bend from his hips ( picture right) v's his old school posture being more sit on a stool with the bend from the knees and his arms hanging out from his body.

With the new posture Tiger's arms hang directly down from his shoulders which allows him to keep his hands close to his body in the takeaway and hence have the shaft steeper in the first part.

Also this posture allows him to work his legs more out and back v's side to side when looking at his swing from the front angle, which keeps him more on top of the ball, in his backswing pivot.

It all looks like a good work in progress and when he fully owns the new movements I am sure we will see his name back on top of the leaderboard.