Monday, 23 April 2012

Maximize your golf game

By Darren

The below acronym is an easy way to remember how to get the most out of your golf game.

Make things happen: As simple as this sounds I see a lot of players trying to steer their ball around the course or play with a lack of commitment over each shot which almost certainly leads to bad results. Remember over every shot you have to make things happen.

Achieve your best: Again this refers to your attitude on the course, and simply means never give up!

Xout the negatives: Fudge , Fix , Forget Focus is the best way to get over a bad shot, you will find this system explained in the coach's corner.

Integrate all of the game: This refers to balancing your practice time to work on all parts of your game including the short game.

Make birdies: Learning how to play the flop shot is a great way to convert more par's to birdies on par 5's.

Internalize the right teaching: To play in flow state you have to work on making your swing come from the unconcious.

Zero in on the target: Aim small and you will miss small

Energize on the course: Remember water and a bannana or nuts.

Realign rigorously: Take your medicine and get back on the fairway.

Stay on course: Stick to your game plan unless circumstances really change.